Podcasting 101

A step-by-step course to help busy moms start podcasts that will last

I'm ready to learn how!

Are you feeling a tug in your heart to start a podcast, but you’re totally lost on how to do it?

 Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the technology or the idea of making it happen week after week after week.

And how would that work with your family and all of the other responsibilities of your already full life?

My friend, I have been where you are, and I want to help you.

Who is the teacher?

Hi! I'm Monica Packer, host of the podcast About Progress and mother of four young children. I spent years trapped in my own perfectionism, not pursuing my goals or dreams out of fear of falling short.
But several years ago, I decided that I was sick of living that way, and I set a goal to start a podcast.
I had no idea where to start, and I spent hundreds of hours during my children’s naptimes and late into the night Googling:
  • What kind of equipment do I need?
  • How do I reach out to people I want to interview?
  • How do I edit an audio file?
  • How do I upload it onto a podcast host?
  • And by the way, what is a podcast host???
Five years later, I have now published over 250 episodes and have almost 2 million downloads of my show. Podcasting has richly blessed my life.
I want other women to find the joy and fulfillment that I have found through podcasting – and I also want to save them from all of the mistakes, confusion, and frustration that I experienced when I was first starting out.
I have privately consulted over 30 women one-on-one who started podcasts; and a few years ago, I recruited my podcasting pal Rachel Nielson, host of the popular podcast 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms, to create these online podcasting courses so more women can learn!

Under Podcast U, we have taught almost 200 women to start and grow their podcasts!

YOU can start a podcast that makes a difference in the world, and we want to save you time and frustration as you do it.

How does the course work?

We know how daunting it can feel to start something new and totally unknown. Where to even begin?? That overwhelm can paralyze us and keep us from ever getting started.

We have created this course to be a step-by-step path – taking you from refining your idea and purpose, all the way to launching your show in a sustainable way:

Module 1: Foundation

     Lesson 1: Know Your Purpose
     Lesson 2: Plan the Basics


Module 2: Logistics

     Lesson 3: Design your Logo & Cover Art
     Lesson 4: Gather your TOOLS (Hardware/Software)
     Lesson 5: Set Up Your Podcast Host and Website


Module 3: Production

     Lesson 6: Record Your Intro and Episode 001
     Lesson 7: Submit Your Intro + Get Approved by Apple Podcasts
     Lesson 8: Schedule and Interview Guests


Module 4: Launch and Beyond

     Lesson 9: Prepare to Launch
     Lesson 10: Where to Go From Here
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But what if I don't have very much time??

You’re a busy mom. Believe me, we get it – we are right there with you! That’s why we designed this course to be as absolutely time-efficient as possible, for every type of learner:


This course includes 10 video lessons if you are a visual learner.


Each lesson is also available as an MP3, so you can listen on-to-go!


If you prefer speed-reading, lessons come with a full transcript.


Homework after each lesson helps you take action.


Copy & personalize our templates to fit your show.


Watch tutorials of our workflow, editing set up, and podcast host.

Three months from now, you could be sharing your voice through your own podcast! Just follow the path we've laid out for you, step-by-step. You've got this.

BONUS: Access to a Community of Podcasters!

Your Podcast U course comes with access to our private Facebook Community.


Having friends who are also podcasters has been invaluable to us as we've grown our shows. (See some of our favorites pictured here!)

In the Podcast U Facebook group, you can...

  • ask questions and brainstorm together
  • vent when you’re discouraged
  • troubleshoot technology
  • set up opportunities to guest on each other’s shows

                  ... and so much more!


Collaboration like this will be a game-changer as you work to grow your show!
Okay, you had me at "podcaster friends." Sign me up.

You are allowed to take your dream seriously!

It's hard to invest your time and money into a passion project.  I mean, what if you never make money from your podcast? Is it still worth paying for a course to help you?
Consider this: If your child asked you to sign her up for voice lessons because she really loves singing and wants to improve, would you say, "Only if you can guarantee me that you'll get a college scholarship or become a professional singer"? Of course you wouldn't!
YOUR development and dreams matter too, Mama. Yes, YOU are worth investing in.

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"I'd wanted to start podcast for over a year, but the entire process intimidated me. I didn't know where to begin or where to do once I did find a place to start. And then I found Podcast U. Monica and Rachel created a clear, one-step-at-a-time path for me to get from where I was (full of ideas and passion with no plan) to where I wanted to be (my podcast set up and launched) within just a couple of months! Plus, they offered both logistical and emotional support throughout the process. Podcast U is the reason I was able to launch as quickly and easily as I did. I'm so grateful! "

Rachel Bailey
host of Your Parenting Long Game

"Podcast U is broken down into easily digestible chunks so the process doesn't feel too overwhelming. Monica and Rachel are so great about giving their expertise freely, but also being real and honest."

Jessica Rydalch
host of Lifting the Lifters

"I am so happy that I made the choice to work with Rachel and Monica at Podcast U! Not only did they give me super useful tips and resources for launching my podcast, but they helped me establish my ‘why’. This was a very important step and helped me go forward without fear of the process."

Catrina Gandara
Creat Joy Podcast

Are you ready?

My friend, the world needs your podcast. And YOU need your podcast.
You could think about it for a few more months (or years!), or you could listen to that little tug in your heart and believe that NOW is the time.
You can do this. Even if you have a household of young kids like me – even if you sometimes doubt yourself (like me!) – even if the thought of podcasting is overwhelming and you don't know what you're doing.
I will be right there with you, guiding you along the path. And in just a few short months, you will look back and be so glad you took action today.
Let’s get started!

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